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Company Facts

Entegris, Inc.
March 2013


Company Overview
Entegris, Inc. (NASDAQ: ENTG) provides solutions for advanced manufacturing in an expanding array of high-technology industries, including semiconductor, microelectronics, alternative energy and life sciences.


These solutions include: wafer carriers and shippers that protect semiconductor wafers and solar cells from contamination and breakage; filtration products that purify process gases and fluids, as well as the ambient environment; liquid systems and components that dispense, control or transport process fluids; specialty coatings that provide high-purity surfaces for wear-resistance, corrosion protection and smoothness; premium graphite and silicon carbide for high-performance applications; and shippers and trays for protecting and transporting disk drive components.


Entegris primarily sells direct to its customers, which include virtually every maker of semiconductors, flat panel displays and data storage devices as well as suppliers of fabrication equipment, wafers, substrates and high-technology products.


Leading Through Innovation
For more than 40 years, Entegris' innovative materials-science solutions have enabled the cost-effective production of increasingly complex generations of semiconductors and electronics.


Entegris core competencies include:

  • Materials science: The study of the characteristics and uses of materials such as polymers, metals, semiconductors, graphite, silicon carbide and ceramics commonly used in the world's leading technology products.
  • Separation science: The use of techniques to facilitate the separation, purification and analysis of complex mixtures of organic and inorganic compounds. Customers rely upon these separation techniques to precisely control micro and molecular contamination.


These competencies, optimized with the company's worldwide manufacturing capabilities, enable Entegris to provide the highest level of contamination control, improving their flexibility and decreasing cost.


Industry Partnerships
Entegris partners with industry leaders in the semiconductor and other high-tech industries to ensure that its customers can take full advantage of the latest advances in contamination control and filtration. Entegris also has unique research and development relationships with manufacturers around the world.


In addition to its strategic partners, Entegris is an active member of the International Technology Roadmap for Semiconductors (ITRS), SEMI and other industry groups that work to create specifications, standards and practices for the improvement of high-technology industries.


Quick Facts

  • Headquartered in Billerica, MA, with a global infrastructure of manufacturing, service centers and research facilities in the United States, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, China, Korea, Japan, Israel, Germany and France
  • Fiscal 2012 sales of $716 million
  • Holds 287 U.S. patents and 593 patents in other countries
  • Approximately 2,800 employees worldwide
  • Traded on NASDAQ under ENTG


  • 1966 - Founded as Fluoroware, Inc
  • 2000 - Begins trading under the ENTG symbol on NASDAQ
  • 2005 - Merges with Mykrolis Corporation, a leading provider of liquid filtration and gas purification products and systems
  • 2006 - Expands manufacturing facility in Kulim, Malaysia
  • 2007 - Acquires Surmet Corporation's high-purity semiconductor coatings business
  • 2008 - Acquiires Poco Graphite, an industry leader in high-performance graphite and silicon carbide
  • 2009 - Acquires PureLine Co., a fluid handling component manufacturer, in Kangwon-do, Korea
  • 2011 - Opens manufacturing facility in Hsinchu, Taiwan
  • 2012 - Opens the Advanced Technology Center, manufacturing for 450 mm and EUV, in Colorado Springs, CO
  • 2012 - Acquires Entegris Precision Technology, a HDPE drum blowmolding facility, in Yangmei, Taiwan

Executive Management

  • Bertrand Loy, President and Chief Executive Officer
  • Gregory B. Graves, Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer
  • Paul L. H. Olson, Chairman of the Board

Steven Cantor
Vice President of Corporate Relations
+1 978-436-6500



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