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The 28th International Battery Seminar & Exhibit

Monday, March 14, 2011
Fort Lauderdale, Florida USA

Broward County Convention Center


Conference and Exhibition
March 14 -17, 2011


In the 28 years of its existence, this Seminar has been the leader in providing key industry speakers whom discuss the state of the art of worldwide energy storage technology developments for portable products, power and vehicular applications. The meeting has always been the preferred venue for the introduction of significant new developments, such as the Li/Ion battery.


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Please visit Entegris at Booth #26 and also stop by our poster presentation highlighting Moisture in Lithium Ion Battery Solvents and Its Removal. The poster will be available for viewing on Monday evening the 14th through Wednesday the 16th.


For more than 40 years, Entegris has provided products, materials and systems that purify protect and transport the critical materials that enable the world's leading technologies. Offering proven knowledge in materials science and contamination control, Entegris allows you to enhance battery yield, and improve battery reliability and performance.


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Gas Diffusers
Entegris ChamberGard™ fast vent diffusers provide rapid venting to atmosphere without disturbing or adding particles to wafers in the chamber, increasing system throughput by minimizing load lock vent cycle times. They combine the flow characteristics of a diffuser with a high-efficiency filter to increase efficiency and throughput.


Gas Purifiers
Entegris GateKeeper® gas purifiers remove gaseous contaminants down to part-per-trillion levels with inorganic media. GateKeeper purifiers are a cost-effective way to prevent contamination of the process or damage to the tool. Designed for ambient operation and requiring no power, GateKeeper gas purifiers offer maximum flow rates ranging from 1 SLM to 20,000 SLM. Applications include gas-box installation, single-tool purification, multi-tool purification, facility purification, back-pad purifiers, Aeronex® gas purification system back-ups and other applications.


Liquid Filters
Contamination control continues to evolve and enable the technological advancements and yield improvements in photovoltaic cell manufacturing. Acids, bases, and DI water all require advanced filtration to remove defect-causing particles and agglomerate before reaching the wafer or substrate surface. Entegris provides a full line of filters to solve the contamination control challenges our customers face.


Gas Filters
Entegris ultrapure gas filtration products offer 0.003 microns particle filtration for ultrapure gas applications. These filters enable higher process gas throughput while reducing the overall gas box footprint. Entegris' ultrapure gas filtration products are used by all major OEM's and device makers in etch, CVD, PVD and ion implantation tools. Entegris incorporates its gas filters into our gas purifiers to provide process and purge gases free from both molecular and particle contamination.


Tubing and Pipe
Entegris tubing and pipe are constructed of high-purity, chemically inert PFA and are essential for safely transporting the most aggressive and corrosive chemicals whether at room or elevated temperatures. Both the tubing and pipe are available in a wide range of sizes to meet specific flow requirements. Tubing can be provided in various grades of PFA depending upon the application requirements and is produced in continuous lengths up to 5000 feet.


Cynergy® Sanitary Products
Entegris Cynergy Sanitary valves, fittings, tubing and weld-in-place equipment offer metal-free fluoropolymer wetted surfaces that are ideal for metal sensitive and corrosive applications. This reduces downtime, expenses and detrimental cross contamination.