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Liquid Filtration

Contamination control of process liquids

Contamination control continues to evolve and enable the technological advancements and yield improvements in semiconductor, flat panel, data storage, photovoltaic cell, life sciences and lithium ion battery manufacturing. CMP slurries, acids, bases, photochemistry and DI water all require advanced filtration to remove defect-causing particles and agglomerate before reaching the wafer or substrate surface. Entegris provides a full line of filters to solve the contamination control challenges our customers face.


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Product:  Chemlock®, Etchgard™, FlowPlane™Fluorogard®, Fluoroline, Guardian®, Impact®, Intercept®, Microgard®, Optimizer®, Panelgard®, Planarcap®, Planargard®, Processgard®, Pumpgard™, QuickChange®, Savana® , Solaris®, Thermogard™Torrento®

Membrane:  UPE, PTFE, PES, PP, Nylon, Composite (DUO)

Media:  Depth

Chemical Application:  Please see the section below.

Acids and Bases - Aggressive

SC1, SC2, SPM, Nitride Etch and Resist Stripper in high-temperature and outgassing conditions with elevated concentration

CMP Slurry Filtration

Silica, ceria and alumina CMP slurries used in point-of-use and bulk applications


Cu and Ni electroplating/deposition applications


Polymer and stainless steel housings for cartridge filters


Lab bench, pilot line to scale-up filters used in chemical development projects

Photochemical Filtration
Photoresist, ARC, BARC, TARC, thinners, solvents, dielectics and SoD photochemicals used in photolithography applications

Ultrapure DI water and chemistry at various temperatures and concentrations

Resist Stripper - Aqueous

Photoresist, photoresist residue removal and solvent-based chemistries (aqueous acids and bases) at high and low temperatures

Resist Stripper - Nonaqueous

Photoresist, photoresist residue removal and solvent-based chemistries (nonaqueous) with NMP at high and low temperature

Solvents (Organic) and IPA

Organic solvents, Amine-based TMAH, used for chemical dilution, rinsing and cleaning at elevated temperatures (>60°C)

Water Treatment

Pre-filtration of sea or brackish water before reverse osmosis (RO) in desalination plants


Cartridge filters for bulk ink filtration and mini disposable filters for industrial ink jet printers

Functional Chemicals

Filtration of color resist, BM, PI, photo spacer and liquid crystal in semiconductor, FPD and data storage industries

Acid - Weak

Non-oxidizing acids: acetic, citris, HCL, HF, weak SC2 cleans, BOE used at low concentration, low pH, moderate temperature (60-80°C)

Base - Weak

SC1, NH4OH, amines and basic resist strippers in low concentration and temperature conditions

DI Water

Deionized (DI) water filtration for use in fab environments and chemical development/manufacture/test applications

Bulk Chemicals
Filtration of bulk chemicals and photoresist in semiconductor and FPD applications