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Aeronex® HX Gas Purification System

Optimized for removal of H2O, O2, CO, CO2 and non-methane hydrocarbons from hydrogen, argon or nitrogen gas.
Data Sheet (701513)
  • Power failure will not damage the purification system
  • Completely automatic operation saves time, increases reliability
  • Purifies to sub-ppb and sub-ppt levels
  • Low pressure drop means no changes to inlet pressure are required
  • Includes inlet and outlet process gas pressure transducers
  • Self-regenerating purifiers provide the lowest cost of ownership
Aeronex® HX Gas Purification System

Filtration media: Optimized Entegris inorganic purification media

Flowpath: High-purity stainless steel
Contaminants removed:
H2O, O2, CO, CO2 and nonmethane hydrocarbons from hydrogen, argon or nitrogen gas. See Contaminants Removed tab for more information
Outlet filtration:
ISO Class 1 (<10 particles per m3 at 0.1 um, <2 particles per m3 at 0.2 um)
Maximum operating conditions:
Minimum inlet pressure: 650 kPa (80 PSI)

Maximum inlet pressure: 1140 kPa (150 PSIG)

Maximum forward/reverse differential pressure

Gas operating temperature: 15ºC to 40ºC (60ºF to 104ºF)
Pressure drop:
AGPS2CHX <7 psi @ 100 psig and max rated flow

AGPS2EHX <10 psi @ 100 psig and max rated flow
Maximum flow rate:
AGPS2CHX 2000 SLM (120 Nm3/hr)

AGPS2EHX 5000 SLM (300 Nm3/hr)
Leak rating:
1 x 10-9 atm/ cc/sec.
Process gas inlet/outlet: 1 1/2" tube stub

Regeneration gas output: 1/4" face seal

Instrument pneumatics: CDA or N2

Cabinet exhaust: 4" duct, system exhaust
200-240 VAC single phase
Physical: 117 cm wide x 195 cm tall x 96 cm depth 46.1” wide x 76.5” tall x 37.7” depth
Recommend maintenance space: 91 cm (3’) front
  H2O CO CO2 O2 Nonmethane
Hydrocarbons (C5 or Higher)
Nitrogen <50 ppt <1ppb <100 ppt <400 ppt <1 ppt

Hydrogen <100 ppt <1ppb <100 ppt <400 ppt <1 ppt

Argon <50 ppt <1ppb <100 ppt <400 ppt <1 ppt