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Similar to the semiconductor industry, the life sciences industry depends on quality, purity, and efficiency to provide life-sustaining and life-improving innovations for people around the world. Our 50+ years of proven materials science experience in the most demanding industries allows us to easily become a strategic partner by applying our expertise to develop the cleanest, most scalable, and most reliable solutions to reduce your validation time, development costs, and time to market.

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Webinar Series

Life Science Webinar Series

A series of webinars to get you thinking about improvements to consider for your current bioprocesses. In these webinars, we share applications and tools that can make you more efficient, reliable and flexible. When you need to vary scale, move quickly and ship precious materials all over the globe, we can help you do it safely.

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Featured Webinars

Risk Mitigation for Single-use Cold Chain Distribution

In this webinar, we will share risk mitigation study data showing the utility of low temperature suitable materials and packaging, employment of sensors for monitoring shipments, and better qualification and evaluation through simulated standards and real-world transit.


Low-Temperature for Bioprocess Applications

In this presentation, Janelle Rupkalvis, Applications Engineer for Entegris and Alex Kakad, product marketing manager for New Age Industries discuss the needs and changing requirements of standard equipment and processes to handle lower temperatures.

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Low-Temperature for Bioprocess Applications

Single-Use Technologies for Bulk Drug Substance

In this webinar, Mike Johnson, director R&D engineering of Entegris and Johannes Kirchmair, CEO/founder of Single Use Support (SUS), present single-use bag system technologies for freeze/thaw applications in bulk drug substance (BDS) manufacturing.

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Bulk Drug Subtances webinar Spotlight

Featured White Paper

Advantages of Single-layer Film vs. Multi-layer Film for use in BioProcessing Bags

Advantages of Single-layer Film vs. Multilayer Film for use in Bioprocessing Bags

Focusing on materials that enable single-layer storage solutions, this paper looks at plastic storage bags for bioprocessing applications, their challenges, and technology developments to address these challenges.


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