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Privacy Policy


Last Revised: April 2024


This Privacy Policy (the “Policy”) describes how Entegris, Inc. and its subsidiaries and affiliates that link to this Policy (“Entegris,” “our,” “we,” or “us”) may collect, process, use and share personal information (“Personal Data”). This Policy applies to all platforms and websites operated by Entegris to provide goods and services or exchange information with our customers and vendors (together, the “Website”). It also applies when you engage with us during the course of your application to work or your employment with Entegris. Please read this Policy carefully. By visiting our Website or otherwise providing Personal Data to Entegris, you acknowledge the practices described in this Policy. We may update this Policy from time to time. We will notify you of any such changes by updating the “Last revised” date above or as otherwise required by applicable law; your continued use of our Website or your continued interaction with us demonstrates your acknowledgement to our current Policy.

Personal Data Collected

The Personal Data we collect depends on your interaction with us. You may provide Personal Data to us directly, or we may automatically collect Personal Data, including your IP address, your network activity, how you interact with us, and similar details. We may also collect Personal Data about you through third-party sources. We do not sell or share your Personal Data, except as described in this Policy.

Personal Data Collected from Website Visitors

We may collect Personal Data from you when you visit our Websites, including Identifiers like your name and contact information and information collected automatically as described above. We may use your Personal Data to provide, support, personalize and market our services and products; to improve our customer service; to process your requests; to verify your identity; to manage your account with us; to personalize your experiences on our Websites; to market our services relevant to your interests; to conduct statistical or demographic analysis; to detect and prevent fraud or other unauthorized activities; to meet our legal and regulatory compliance obligations; to ensure compliance with and enforce our Terms of Use, other Entegris policies, and legal rights; to develop, improve, and maintain the safety and security of individuals and our assets; to respond to law enforcement requests as required and permitted by applicable law; as part of a merger, reorganization or other sale or transfer of our assets; or as otherwise necessary or appropriate or permitted by law.

Personal Data Collected from Vendors, Partners, Customers, and On-Site Visitors

We may collect Personal Data from employees of our vendors, customers, partners, and visitors to our facilities, including:

  • Identifiers including name, contact information, and government identifier like a driver’s license, passport, or other state identification number, as well as device identifiers.·
  • Audio, video, or similar information including photographs, images, or call or video recordings.·
  • Internet or Other Electronic Network Activity Information as described above.
  • Other Personal Data you provide to us.

We may use this Personal Data to provide any of the services, support, and for other reasons listed in this Policy.

Personal Data Collected from Employees and Job Applicants

We may collect the following information from employees and job applicants:

  • Identifiers including name, contact details, social security number, driver’s license or other state identification number, passport number, or INS or visa number.·
  • Credentials including account and user ID, access or security code, or password.·
  • Professional or employment-related information including education and employment history, work location, qualifications, professional associations and affiliations, and salary expectations.·
  • Benefits-related information including insurance details and financial account.·
  • Characteristics of protected classifications under applicable law including age, ethnicity, race, marital status, military or veteran status, nationality, citizenship, medical condition, physical or mental disability, pregnancy, childbirth and related medical conditions, gender, gender identity, and gender expression.·
  • Biometric Data, including fingerprints and facial scans. Such data may be used to verify your identity and maintain the safety and security of individuals and our assets, with your consent, where required.·
  • Audio, video, or similar information including photographs, images, or call or video recordings.·
  • Geolocation derived from an IP address, computer or mobile device, or other means.
  • Internet or Other Electronic Network Activity Information including Internet usage, browsing history on company-issued devices, all activity and inactivity on Entegris computing systems and networks (including Guest Networks) and communications sent through Entegris assets.
  • Other Personal Data you provide to us.

Certain Personal Data collected may be considered sensitive Personal Data under applicable law, including governmental identifiers (e.g., social security number, driver’s license, and passport number), account access credentials, communications, racial or ethnic origin, and health data.

We may use this Personal Data for the reasons outlined in this Policy, including for human resources management and employment-related matters and to administer benefits; to evaluate you as a potential candidate; to communicate with you; to detect and prevent fraud or other unauthorized activities; to notify you or your emergency contacts in the event of an emergency; to manage the health and safety of our employees and others; maintain the safety and security of individuals, our facilities and assets, and our Websites and services;  to operate and maintain our electronic systems and networks; for network security and access control purposes; or as otherwise permitted by law or to fulfill the reasons you provided the information.


To improve the functionality and content of the Website and your overall experience, Entegris has designed the Website to use certain technologies, including cookies, to track access to and use of the Website or gather certain Personal Data. A cookie is a small file that is placed on your device's hard drive or on a website server. We may use cookies to obtain the automatically collected information described above, and we may share this information as described in this Policy. Most browsers automatically collect cookies, but you can modify your browser to prohibit acceptance of cookies. If you adjust your web browser settings to reduce the interaction of these technologies with the Website, certain portions of the Website, its content, or its functionality may be limited. By continuing to use our Website following display of our pop-up cookie notification banner, you agree to our use of cookies. You can delete or set your browser to refuse certain browser cookies, or you can set your browser to alert you when cookies are being sent. Refer to your browser’s instructions to learn more about your browser settings and how you can manage cookies. For more information on third party advertising-related cookies and how to exercise your choice to opt-out of them, please visit www.aboutads.info or www.networkadvertising.org.

Children's Data

Entegris does not knowingly collect or process the Personal Data of children under sixteen (16) years of age, and our Website is not intended for children under sixteen (16) years of age.

Marketing emails and texts

In accordance with applicable law and subject to your consent where required, we may communicate with you by email or text, including marketing communications. If you wish to opt-out of receiving marketing communications, use the “unsubscribe” or STOP link provided in our communications, or contact us directly.

How We Use Your Personal Data

We use your Personal Data as detailed below. Whenever we process your Personal Data we do so based on one of the following legal bases: (i) for the performance of a contract; (ii) when you have consented to processing; (iii) when it is necessary for us to comply with a legal obligation; and (iv) when it is in our legitimate interests as a business, and our interests are not overridden by your interests, fundamental rights or freedoms.  This may include Entegris’s interest in developing our business including as part of a sale, merger, divestiture, or other business transaction, in increasing the efficiency of our processes and practices, in ensuring compliance with applicable laws as policies, in avoiding or mitigating harm to you, our customers, or Entegris, and in connection with legal claims.

We may use your Personal Data as follows:·

  • As part of your application or employment with Entegris.
  • To process and fulfill purchases you make, to receive and respond to your questions about products, services, or warranties, and to communicate with you about contests, surveys, or sweepstakes.
  • When you provide feedback on our products, which we may use to develop new products and services, maintain quality assurance and debug issues you may identify.
  • When you create an account through any of our services to provide you a more personalized user experience.·
  • When you use our services (e.g., our Website) to continually improve your experience with our services and to target marketing and advertising of our products to you.
  • To determine what products may be of interest to you, provide you with marketing communications, and to conduct market research, with your consent where required.

Retention of Personal Data

We retain your Personal Data for the duration of our ongoing relationship with you and/or for the period necessary to fulfill the purposes outlined above unless a longer retention period is required or permitted for legal, auditing, or compliance purposes. We dispose of the Personal Data we collect in accordance with our retention policies and procedures.

Disclosure and Transfer of Personal Data

Entegris has operations in multiple countries, and from time to time it will be necessary to share your Personal Data as follows: (i) with affiliated businesses; (ii) with third-party service providers who assist us in providing information, products, or services to you, in conducting and managing our business, and in managing and improving the Website; (iii) with other third parties including for advertising and marketing as permitted by law; (iv) if required to do so by law, legal process, or legal authority, or if Entegris believes it is necessary to prevent harm or loss, or it believes it necessary to prevent harm or loss; (v) with a buyer or other successor in the event of a merger, divestiture, restructuring, or other sale or transfer of some or all of Entegris’s assets; and (vi) others as required or permitted by applicable law, court order, or regulation. We may also share aggregated data that has been anonymized or pseudonymized or data otherwise not considered Personal Data with third parties and may make this data publicly available or use it for any purpose.

You acknowledge that Entegris controls, operates, manages, and administers the Website from the United States. Entegris may transfer Personal Data to other jurisdictions in which it operates, and we will take appropriate steps to ensure that your Personal Data receives the same level of protection as if it remained within the original jurisdiction. In doing so, we may enter into data transfer agreements, use jurisdiction-approved transfer mechanism such as Standard Contractual Clauses or rely on certification schemes.

Third Party Websites

Our Website may contain links to other websites and mobile applications operated and controlled by third parties. We do not take responsibility for the content or the privacy practices employed by other websites. Unless otherwise stated, any Personal Data you provide to any such third-party website is collected by that party and not by us, and it will be subject to that party’s privacy policy rather than this Policy.


We maintain appropriate technical and organizational measures to protect your Personal Data. However, no method of Internet transmission or electronic storage is 100% secure or error-free, so it is not possible to guarantee absolute security. You must also protect your Personal Data and take steps to protect against unauthorized access. If you have reason to believe that your interaction with us is no longer secure, please notify us immediately through one of the methods listed in this Policy.

Your Choices and Rights

Depending on applicable law, you may have certain rights in relation to your Personal Data. To exercise these rights, please contact us through one of the methods listed in the Contact Us section.

  • Right to access the Personal Data we have collected about you and information about how and on what basis we process your Personal Data.
  • Right to correct or update your Personal Data.
  • Right to obtain a copy of your Personal Data in a commonly used, machine-readable format.
  • Right to delete or erase your Personal Data under certain circumstances.
  • Right to object to or restrict the processing of your Personal Data. Under certain circumstances with respect to automated individual decision-making, you have the right to obtain human intervention, express your point of view, and contest the decision.
  • Right to lodge a complaint with the competent data protection supervisory authority.
  • Right to withdraw your consent or opt-out of the sale or sharing of certain types of Personal Data.
  • Right to information about the safeguards Entegris uses to transfer your Personal Data to a third country.
  • Right to request and obtain certain information regarding our disclosure, if any, of your Personal Data to third parties for their direct marketing purposes during the immediately prior calendar year.
  • Right to not receive discriminatory treatment for exercising your rights.

We will comply with your request as soon as reasonably practicable and within the required timeframe under applicable law. We may need to verify your identity before complying with your request. Please note that we may need to retain certain information for recordkeeping purposes and/or to complete any transactions that you began prior to requesting a change or deletion. In certain instances, we may decline to honor your request. For example, we may decline to honor your request if we cannot verify your identity or confirm we process or maintain Personal Data that relates to you. We strive to respond within 30 days of receiving your request unless we request an extension.

Contact Us

If you want to exercise your data privacy rights or have questions about this Policy or Entegris’s privacy practices, contact us at: Entegris, Inc., Attention: Data Privacy, 129 Concord Road, Billerica, Massachusetts 01821, or contact us here.