Entegris EUV 1010 Reticle Pod Demonstrates Superior Defectivity Performance and Receives ASML Qualification

New Entegris EUV 1010 Reticle Pod demonstrates low defectivity, enabling the high-volume manufacturing of advanced technology nodes using EUV lithography

PUBLISHED Aug. 2, 2018
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BILLERICA, Mass., August 2, 2018 - Entegris, Inc. (NASDAQ: ENTG), a leader in specialty chemicals and advanced materials solutions for the microelectronics industry, today released the next generation EUV 1010 Reticle Pod for high-volume IC manufacturing using extreme ultraviolet (EUV) lithography. Developed in close collaboration with ASML, one of the world’s largest manufacturers of chip-making equipment, Entegris’s EUV 1010 is the first to be qualified by ASML for use in the NXE:3400B and beyond.

As the semiconductor industry begins ramping EUV lithography for the high-volume manufacturing (HVM) of advanced technology nodes, keeping EUV reticles defect-free is more demanding than ever.  Entegris’s EUV 1010 Reticle Pod is now fully qualified by ASML for their latest generation scanner having demonstrated outstanding protection of the EUV reticles, including against the most critical particle challenges.  As a result, Entegris’s EUV 1010 enables customers to safely transition to smaller and smaller line widths, as needed for the most advanced lithography processes.

To achieve these levels of performance within the NXE:3400B scanner, Entegris developed new technologies for contacting the reticles and controlling the environment. “The Entegris EUV 1010 represents a significant breakthrough in improving defectivity so customers implementing HVM for advance technology nodes can focus on increasing efficiency and throughput,” said Paul Magoon, vice president of wafer and reticle handing for Entegris. “Development and testing with ASML ensures that EUV 1010 has been qualified for the most advanced EUV scanner available.”


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