Particle Sizing Systems (PSS) | January 2017

Particle size analysis is an important analytical tool in the microelectronics, life sciences, and chemical industries.

Tracking large particle counts (LPCs) avoids defects and improves yields in semiconductor fabs, while particle size and count improves drug formulation, manufacture, and quality.

Through the acquisition of PSS, Entegris is enabling customers to perform particle size analysis online and in real time, directly in the fluid stream process.

PSS provides unique solutions for particle size, count, and surface charge that enhance quality and improve yields. 

  • What was announced?

    Entegris issued a press release on January 22, 2017, announcing the acquisition of Particle Sizing Systems, a company focused on particle sizing instrumentation for liquid applications in both semiconductor and life science industries.

  • Why is Entegris making this acquisition?

    Entegris purchased PSS to expand the value of its product portfolio for advanced-node manufacturers with technologies that are focused on maintaining the condition of CMP slurries. Through this acquisition, Entegris will quickly help particle sizing systems teams reach manufacturing excellence and scale to meet the high-quality standards and demands of customers.

Learn more about particle sizing instrumentation

Learn more about particle sizing instrumentation