Cold-Chain Bioprocessing Applications

Aramus™ single-use bag assemblies are ideal for cold chain collection and storage. Our single-layer fluoropolymer provides gamma stability with low extactables and leachables (E&L) and has a wide operating temperature range.

Our bag assemblies, tubing, and connectors can be adapted to a number of SUS configurations, making Aramus single-use bag assemblies a flexible and dependable choice for cold bioprocessing applications.

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Advantages of Single-layer vs. Multilayer Film for use in Cold-Chain Bioprocessing Applications

Our video highlights one of the most common single-use bag failures and how that can affect valuable bioproducts. Aramus™ bag assemblies overcome these failures at cold temperatures using a new single-layer fluoropolymer material that protects product by its durability at a wider range of temperatures than in other single-use-systems (SUS).