Entegris Products with Super 300 Type Pillar® Fittings

Entegris offers a broad line of high-quality valves, sensing and control, fittings and filtration products. We recommend using Entegris brand fittings for use on all product families. However, in recognition of requests for Entegris products with Super 300 Type Pillar (Pillar S-300) fittings and per our licensing agreement with Nippon Pillar, we can now offer choices to accommodate those needs. Contact Entegris for issues not addressed here.


All CR4, CR8, CH8, CK4, CK8, DS12, DH12, DS16, SG4 and BV6 2-way valves can be supplied with molded male 1/4" to 1" Super 300 Type Pillar fittings.

Figure 1. Molded 3/8" Super 300 Type Pillar fitting

Any machined valve can be supplied with Super 300 Type Pillar fittings - SV6, SV8, SG4 3-way, and CK12 and CK16 series check valves.

Figure 2. Machined fitting

Options for 1/4" and 1/2" Integra® valves, including D8 high pressure valves, include:

  • Tube stub version: "SpaceSaver" (inlet and outlet not flared) allows the use of a Super 300 Type Pillar nut and insert to be used. Any valve in this series offered on the website with a male Flaretek® end is a viable option for tube stub, making almost any valve available. This is the most cost-effective option. Entegris can also offer the tube stub with Pillar S-300 nut and insert installed. See Figures 3 and 4.

Figure 3. Molded tube stub

Figure 4. Molded tube stub with nut and insert

PureBond® Super 300 Type Pillar adapter fittings to the PureBond versions of the valves: these provide the male Pillar connection but add length to the port-to-port dimension (~ 1"). See Figure 5.

Figure 5. DS12-2C-12P with Pillar P-UA 19-PB3/4B adapter welded on valve

With high volumes (~500+) molded male Super 300 Type Pillar connections are possible. Contact Entegris for further information. See Figure 1.


  • SG4 and CR4 FlareMount manifold valves molded for 1/4" and 3/8" can be supplied with a Super 300 Type Pillar fitting
  • All manifold port fittings are available in 1/4" to 1" Super 300 Type Pillar fittings

Sensing and Control Products

Since all sensing and control products are machined, we can provide all NT™ transducers, InVue® integrated flow controllers, InVue and NT electronic flowmeters with machined tube stubs. If not already in the system, we are able to quote part number and price within 24 hours.

Liquid Filtration Products

We offer a variety of liquid filters with Pillar, Super Type Pillar and Super 300 Type Pillar fittings, including seelct QuickChange®, Torrento®, Fluorogard® and Optimizer® filters.