PureBond® Weldable Pipe System

Creates a leak-free, versatile, chemically compatible and inert fluid handling system

The PureBond® weldable pipe system from Entegris is a state-of-the-art patented method of joining PFA pipe, fittings, valves and other fluid handling devices into an ultra-clean, chemically resistant, leak-free fluid delivery network. Our pipe welding expertise provides you quality weldable pipe products, technical support and training. With the weldable pipe system from Entegris, you have the flexibility of designing and assembling your system yourself, or we can produce a complete fluid management assembly for you.

The Material

PFA is a chemically inert, strong, moldable and extrudable plastic material. The properties make it safe and dependable for handling a wide range of high purity, aggressive and corrosive chemicals.

The Product

Entegris offers a wide range of sizes (from 1/4" to 2"), a wide range of components (valves, fittings, pipe, adapters and filter housings) and the design expertise to provide complete fluid management systems for your applications. The product is made of a dense, ultra-clean plastic and can be used for a wide range of chemicals at a wide range of application temperatures and pressures.

The Process

Patented PureBond welding is a unique noncontact, butt-fusible process. Entegris provides the necessary tools to butt-fuse all components in a leak-free network. The welding tool allows for the proper cutting, facing and heating of components to be joined into whatever design is needed.

The Benefits

Your system is leak free

  • PureBond weldable pipe joints eliminate threads so there is no danger of cold flow and its resultant leakage
  • The joints are as strong as the pipe, eliminating potential leak paths common to threaded systems

Your system is versatile

  • PureBond products allow you to handle volatile chemicals, in wide serviceable temperatures and pressures
  • PureBond pipe, fittings and valves are adaptable to connect with any system, for example they can be used with tubing and NPT threaded systems
  • PureBond pipe, fittings and valves are designed to be welded to create any length or size fluid handling unit

Your system is chemically compatible and inert

  • Virgin PFA construction ensures your system delivers the cleanest possible chemicals
  • PureBond products of virgin PFA will not contaminate your chemicals or pure water
  • PureBond products will not compromise your samples


PureBond welding equipment is portable and simple to use. Each welding tool is used for the different sizes of pipe, fittings and valves.

The PureBond welding tool holds pipe, fittings and valves in proper alignment. A facing tool presets the distance the parts extend into the welding tool with a flat and smooth surface. A guided slide mechanism holds the parts together while the material cools, joining the components permanently. A noncontact heater is centered by guides on the welding tool. Preset locking prevents molten ends from being pressed too far together. PureBond welding tools provide bonds of consistent quality.

PureBond welded pipe installation, maintenance, repairs or changes can be made by your personnel.


Along with the welding tool, Entegris provides a complete video training program and a companion operation and troubleshooing guide. The process is easy to understand. Operator expertise is developed enabling the complete welding of fluid management systems using Entegris PFA components.