Spray Gun Accessories and Replacement Parts

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Part NumberAccessoryDescription
221-01Filter0.5 micron PTFE membrane in polyethylene housing
221-02Clear reinforced PVC tubing1/2" OD 8' length (Either two 215-98 fittings or one 215-98 and one 221-05 recirculating tee fittings are required for connection)
221-04Tube/fitting assemblyIncludes 8' length 1/4" OD FEP tubing and two C4-4N fittings (1/4" tube to 1/4" MNPT) of PFA
221-05Recirculating tee assemblyAllows for continuous DI water flow through the gun preventing possible bacteria formation that may occur in stagnant water. Consists of 10' of 1/8" OD tubing and one 215-55 fitting.
603-864Dispense cap0.20" (5.1 mm) diameter single hole, 0.35" (8.9 mm) diameter nozzle tip
221-62Recirculating kit for 1/2" PVC hoseIncludes tee fitting (215-129) and 10' FEP 1/2" tubing (ET125-030)
221-59, 221-60Coiled 3/8" OD FEP/PFA tubingTubing is not flared and stretches to 8' long
221-68, 221-69Coiled 3/8" OD FEP/PFA tubingIncludes 1/8" recirculation tubing preassembled

 Replacement Parts

Part NumberReplacement PartDescription
421-06Repair kitIncludes piston, pin-trigger, front and rear diaphragms of high purity PFA material, spring spool (tool required)
421-07Repair kitIncludes piston, pin-trigger, front and rear diaphragms of high purity PFA material, spring spool and 0.5 micron nitrogen filter (too required)
213-80Repair toolUsed to access front and rear gun diaphragm
600082xCapReplacement cap for nitrogen spray gun includes the nozzle