FluoroPure® 6" Diameter PFA Custom Pressure Vacuum Vessel

Interested in FluoroPure® 6" Diameter PFA Custom Pressure Vacuum Vessel?

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Due to the potential variety of overall length options, end caps styles and fitting configurations and sizes, each pressure vessel is handled as a custom assembly. Custom features may include:

  • The number of port connections
  • Pipe length
  • Connection type
  • Addition of sight tubes

To accommodate your specialized needs, we have designed the 6" pressure vessel with flexibility in mind. Two basic vessel configurations are available. On one vessel you may choose to have the injection molded end caps permanently connected to the pipe body by using our patented fusion process. This option eliminates the o-ring seal and potential leak points associated with it. On another vessel you may opt for a flanged end cap so you can remove the top - a featured designed for easy cleaning.

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