InVue® Electronic Flowmeters, Model NT4400

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NT™ Flow Viscosity, Density and Temperature Correction 

Use our Flow Viscosity, Density and Temperature Correction tool to calculate a full scale flow correction for media other than DI water at 23°C.
Flow Range: Refer to the Flow Range table for the available fitting size and flow range combinations
Inlet/Outlet Port Connections: 
  • For PrimeLock® tube fittings and Super 300 Type Pillar® tube fittings, please contact Entegris
  • Maximum pressure limit is 75 psig (517 kPa) for 1" Flaretek® fittings.

Electrical Connector Type: For Electrical Connector Type D00, an 8-pin mating cable is required for installation.
Sensor Interface: The Sensor Interface material selection is dependent on application and chemical media. Please contact Entegris for the best selection.


  • All Model NT4400 electronic flowmeters have 4-20 mA electrical output
  • Product specified with a flared Inlet or Outlet Port Connection is packaged with two PVDF nuts. For alternative nut material or custom configurations and specifications, please contact Entegris

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