Purasol™ Photochemical Solvent Purifiers

Purasol™, a first-of-its-kind solvent purifier, removes a wide variety of metal microcontaminants found in organic solvents used in ultraclean semiconductor grade chemical manufacturing processes. Sensitivity to metal ions in these photoresists and solvents pose an ever-greater contamination challenge in photolithography’s advanced applications. The reduction of metal contaminants is critical throughout the entire photochemical supply chain.

Total Metal Removal Technology Reduces Wafer Defects in 3D NAND, DRAM and Advanced Logic Applications

Testing has shown two novel membrane purifiers, Purasol™ SP and SN, demonstrate dramatic reductions in the metal contents in a range of organic solvents. Using uniquely tailored membrane technology, the new versatile purifier can efficiently remove both dissolved and colloidal metal contaminants from a wide variety of ultra-pure, polar and non-polar solvents.

Compatible with most solvents, including difficult-to-remove ketones like cyclohexanone, Purasol purifiers deliver superior cleanliness with exceptional critical metals-removal capabilities with single- or subparts-per-trillion contaminant levels removal performance. Two product options are available to target different solvent polarities (polar and nonpolar) in the removal of metals known to cause defects in photolithography applications.

Metals Reduction Study