Holistic Approach to Enabling Device Performance, Yield, and Reliability

Logic devices are getting smaller, and the introduction of 3D architectures that use vertical fins and nanowires in their gate design introduce more complexity to the fabrication process. As technology nodes shrink beyond 10 nm, new materials are required in both FEOL and BEOL processes to enable performance, yield, reliability and cost.

Recorded Webinar

Materials Innovation: Holistic Solutions Webinar

Join Entegris’ SVP, CTO, Jim O’Neill in this webinar to learn about:

  • Digital transformation and the demand for higher performance chips
  • New, purer materials needed to deliver high-yield and long-term reliability
  • Holistic materials and handling solutions to enable a new approach to the most challenging yield problems of advanced node technologies.
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WEBINAR: Materials Innovation | Holistic Solutions for Improved Yield and Reliability