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Be smart about your investment in manufacturing. Our analytical team will work with you to get the most out of your process products. In order to help you problem solve and troubleshoot, we have 18 labs with the expertise to serve your unique needs. 

Your needs might include resolving unknown process disruptions or performing a risk assessment of contamination within your process or regular OEM AMC compliance sampling. Our ISO certified facilities work in concert with our field support teams to ensure that we gather accurate data with a minimal impact to your production and provide fast results.

Among many others, our analytical services include:
  • Liquid particle count
  • Metallic, ionic, organic contamination
  • Gravimetry
  • Granulometry
  • AMC
  • Humidity monitoring
  • Microbiological

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One of the world’s largest suppliers of semiconductor equipment wanted to study copper process effects on FOUP cleaning. They turned to Entegris for a partnership arrangement. Entegris’ FOUPs were integrated in the fab and managed by Entegris on-site personnel. FOUP life and interoperability are also under study. The program takes advantage of Entegris’s extensive laboratory testing facilities to help determine contamination issues. By partnering with Entegris, this manufacturer will ultimately benefit with an increased understanding of the interaction of advanced processes and FOUP cleaning.