Services Overview 

Our Partnership is Defined by the Depth and Breadth of Our Support

We know your business is about more than ordering product from us. It’s about performance and the bottom line. It’s about decreasing the amount of capital you deploy. It’s about outsourcing when it makes economic sense. And it’s about making the most of your relationships with strategic partners like us.

We understand better than most that a true partnership is what benefits you the most—leveraging the resources of someone who takes care of your processes and the products they provide. That’s why we offer a variety of services that can save you money and help you be more productive. No other company can match the level and type of services we provide.

We’re conveniently located around the globe. We invest to be close to our customers. Find out how many ways we can support your business.

Why Choose Entegris?

Our relentless pursuit of pure defines and energizes our business.

Our customers partner with us for many reasons, but ultimately it is a safe and pure decision. For 50 years, companies in many high-tech industries have relied on us to ensure the safety and purity of their technologies and processes. From our supply chain and raw materials through manufacturing and final product delivery, we bring insight, expertise, design and extensive capabilities in chemical, mechanical and physical property analysis to help you solve your most critical challenges. 

Contact us to learn how Entegris is the safe and pure choice to support your manufacturing processes.