Leadership Perspectives

Neil Richards, Senior Vice President Global Operations and Supply Chain on Entegris’ Capacity Expansions

As the growth opportunities with its semiconductor and life
sciences customers continue to accelerate, Entegris is expanding manufacturing capabilities at its existing sites while breaking ground on a major new facility in Southern Taiwan. Simultaneously, the company continues to invest in digitalization and automation to increase output, reduce consumption of water and energy, and continuously improve product quality.

Richards shares his perspective on Entegris’ commitment to
delivering customers a reliable supply of high-quality solutions.

Bill Shaner, Senior Vice President of Entegris' AMH Division on EUV Lithography

Entegris’ AMH division is considered the world’s leader in advanced materials handling for the semiconductor, life sciences, and other high-tech industries. SVP Bill Shaner discusses extreme ultraviolet (EUV) lithography and the company’s EUV pod that reduces defectivity and increases yields.

Jim O'Neill, Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer on Global Innovation at Entegris

Jim O'Neill, CTO, discusses how our global commitment to innovation positions us to be a trusted development partner to the world's leading technology companies, and how our innovations help keep our customers at the leading edge of advanced technology.

Neil Richards, Senior Vice President Global Operations and Supply Chain on Operational Excellence at Entegris

The accelerating growth in the semiconductor industry will drive increased demand for the advanced materials and solutions Entegris supplies to its customers. Purity requirements will continue to rise rapidly, and the stability of the company’s supply chain will be a key strategic differentiator.

Richards shares his perspective on how Entegris’ commitment to operational excellence positions the company for continued success in an exciting and dynamic industry.