Poco Graphite, Stand 3021

POCO Graphite is a world leading manufacturer of carbon graphite and silicon carbide components.  Our unique processes allow us to create complex geometries with tight tolerances and finishes in a variety of material grades.  Performing in extreme environments and adhering to stringent Aerospace and Aviation safety regulations demand components and materials that are reliable and resilient. Our solutions benefit from over 50 years of experience with materials and design innovation. We rely on the knowledge we’ve gained through that experience to optimize performance in aerospace applications under the most extreme conditions.

POCO solutions have served the civil, commercial, and military aerospace sectors for many years. Our tightly controlled manufacturing and quality processes, along with our highly skilled engineering team, material analysis lab, and superior customer service are the hallmarks of POCO’s product solutions.

At MRO Europe, POCO will display intricate machined components that will illustrate the fine grain, uniform, isotropic microstructure inherent in our graphite materials.   These components are used in various applications and systems that require low-friction, high thermal load, high compressive and flexural strength, durability, and reliability.  Our focus is on aircraft jet engines, turbines, actuators, regulators, valve systems, and tooling for industry leading aircraft and rotocraft manufacturers, including engine OEMs, MROs, and PMA providers.