Entegris creates a material advantage for its customers with a wide  range of products that improve productivity, performance and technology  in demanding, advanced manufacturing environments. These contamination  control and microenvironment solutions are used in the processing and manufacturing of semiconductors and other high-performance applications  such as HBLED, photovoltaic, data storage, medical, and flat panel  displays. As an ISO 9001 certified company, Entegris has manufacturing,  customer service and research facilities throughout Asia, Europe, Japan and North America.

EUV Reticle Pods

The EUV pod interfaces with production equipment such as metrology tools, scanners and stockers and is compliant with SEMI® Standard E152.

FluoroLine® Electrostatic Dissipative (ESD) Tubing

An ideal solution for minimizing potential issues related to electrostatic discharge in the fab, maintaining chemical purity, ensuring safety and improving process yields. 

InVue® NX148 Concentration Monitors

InVue NX148 Concentration Monitor provides process monitoring for in-line liquid chemical applications in a compact integrated package.

Impact® 8G Filter

Best-in-class, ultra-clean, point-of-use photochemical filter, delivering superior flow rate performance and reduced microbubble formation capabilities in sub 28 nm technology nodes.  Impact 8G features Oktolex™ membrane technology for use in EUV, ArF, and KrF lithography for 3D NAND, Logic and DRAM devices.

NOWPak® Bottle Closures

We offer a variety of closure options for the NOWPak® liner-based bottle system including SmartCap™ closures.

Planargem® CMP Pad Conditioner

Micro-machined SiC substrate with conformal CVD diamond coating delivers long-life, highly uniform pad conditioning while minimizing substrate damage.

Planarcap® NMB Filter

Best-in-class, point-of-dispense slurry filter with ultra-high particle loading capacity in sub 45 nm technology nodes to prevent microscratches. Enables superior hard particle removal and gel retention performance.

SmartStack® Contactless Horizontal Wafer Shippers

SmartStack® contactless horizontal wafer shippers safely protect and transport bumped wafers in full, thin or ultrathin thickness.

Torrento® X-Series 7 nm Filter with FlowPlane™ Technology

The future of contamination control with linear filtration technology and industry leading 7 nm retention performance

Vacuum Chucks

Our vacuum chuck solutions use innovative coating technologies which make for a very flat surface that reduces particles and metal contamination, and is durable to last millions of wafer cycles.