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SEMI Technology Symposium | S5. CMP & Cleaning Technology (pre-recorded)

Novel CMP Filter Design that Reduces Fine Particles in Slurry Systems
Speaker: Benjamin Liao, Application Engineer

Fine particles are more difficult to remove during post-CMP cleaning, and the identification and reduction of fine particles is becoming more important as process technologies shrink. The APR media was expected to provide additional adsorption of fine particles when compared to PP depth media.

Benjamin will provide valuable information about how to monitor fine particles with DMA-CPC, and how a novel slurry filter effectively reduces fine particles counts and provides a more uniform abrasive PSD. 


Advanced Particle Reduction (APR) Filtration
  • Next generation CMP slurry filtration for fine particle retention:
  • Reduces underlayer and microscratch defects with a multilayer media depth structures without sacrificing filter life
  • Reduce most large abrasive and slurry agglomerates