Poco Graphite is a manufacturer of premium graphite and silicon carbide with a product line that includes more than 100 grades of graphites used in EDM, semiconductor, and other industrial applications for over 50 years.

Poco Graphite's chemical vapor conversion (CVC) process for making SUPERSiC® silicon carbide allows for highly-optimized and ultra-lightweight assemblies for space flight. The CVC process is also very low cost because large-volume machining is performed on the soft carbon material before gaseous conversion changes it to hard silicon carbide. After conversion, precision machining on critical surfaces ONLY helps to keep costs to a minimum and reduce lead times. Complex, highly optimized design, lightweight, low cost, shorter lead times are all characteristics of POCO’s unique method for making silicon carbide. These crucial advantages complement very well POCO’s long history of making for-flight hardware.

At Small Sat, Poco will be showcasing SUPERSiC® silicon carbide telescopes, mirrors, and structures for earth observation, star tracking, laser communication, and surveillance applications. Our technical experts will be available in booth 218 to demonstrate how Poco products can benefit your space flight