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A New Tailored Point-of-use Filter to Reduce Immersion Lithography Downtime

This poster demonstrates the superior performance of a new tailored Oktolex membrane in cleanliness, filter start-up, on-wafer defect reduction, and increased productivity in advanced lithography processes.

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Bridging the Defect Gap in EUV Photoresist

This poster introduces a tailored filter that enhances filtration performance and addresses specific defect sources in EUV photoresists. 

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Filter Technology Developments to Address Defectivity in Leading-edge Resists

This poster identifies our innovative filter technology designed to control membrane properties to reduce defects in advanced photoresists.

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An Exploration of the Use of Fluoropolymers in Photofiltration

This poster identifies the critical filtration material attributes, specific design considerations, and membrane surface technologies for use in emerging lithography techniques.

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Chasing the Perfect Pattern

Flaws in photolithography patterns have always had a negative impact on yield.  It is becoming more imperative than ever for semiconductor fabricators to prevent these pattern flaws to ensure the functionality and reliability of these devices. Learn how they’re doing it.

Total Container Solutions

Entegris provides full container solutions to monitor, protect, transport, and deliver those valuable wafers from the front-end through to the back-end of the fab for semiconductor manufacturers. 

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Clean Chemical Delivery

To achieve optimum wafer yield and reliability, the microelectronics industry needs to address the increased materials consumption requirements and material purity challenges from chemical manufacture to point of use.

We are in the unique position to help customers maintain a clean chemical delivery environment with contamination-controlled chemical packaging, filtration, pumps, and fluid handling products that will increase product yield and reduce financial loss.

Featured Solutions

1010 Series EUV Pods

Entegris extreme ultraviolet light (EUV) reticle pod is designed defect-free protection of reticles and had demonstrates superior defectivity performance.

    Gatekeeper® GPS Gas Purification Systems

    Our stand-alone gas purifications systems offer in-situ regeneration with advanced control to meet your requirements. Plus, our safer, environmentally-friendly systems are available in many configurations to meet your specific application.

    NOWPak® Bottles

    Our NOWPak® Liner-based Bottle System helps protect valuable materials throughout the filling, transporting and dispensing operations. Bottles are available in 1 to 20 liter sizes.

    Oktolex™ Tailored Membrane Technology

    The Oktolex membrane technology is an effective tool to improve membrane wetting properties, filtration efficiency and contaminant selectivity using both sieving and non-sieving removal mechanisms. 

    Purasol™ Photochemical Solvent Purifiers

    Purasol™, a first-of-its-kind solvent purifier, removes a wide variety of metal microcontaminants found in organic solvents used in ultraclean semiconductor grade chemical manufacturing processes