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Come to where semiconductor manufacturers, OEMs and automotive suppliers are meeting to learn more about risk management in product development, requirements for semiconductors in terms of reliability and safety and zero defect manufacturing strategies.

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Wenge Yang

Wenge Yang, VP Market Strategy, Entegris | GAAC - North America Chapter 

The Global Automotive Advisory Council (GAAC), a global engagement platform driven by SEMI

  ·  The automotive semiconductor requirements as defined by the car makers

  ·  A collaborative engagement model between device makers and material
     purity experts for an improved defectivity


Wednesday, October 2 | 9:40 to 10:20 AM

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Automobile Reliability

As automotive electronics become more complex and prevalent, the cost of failure in these devices rises. Hidden defects caused by small particles, gels, metal ions, and organic contaminants can lead to failures throughout the vehicle’s life, escalating costs and increasing risk. 

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