Learning Series:  Wednesday, June 5:

  • Site Blending, Fadi Coder

Roundtables:  Thursday, June 6:

  • Hitting the Right Bullseye: A Discussion of Relevant Impurity Targets in Specialty Gases – Rocky Gipson, Entegris (GMC)
  • Chemical Particles < 20 nm: How to Pick the Right Filter and Detection Challenges – Ashutosh Bhabhe, Entegris (Liquid Applications)

Presentations:  Thursday, June 6:

  • Contamination and Additives in Formulated Chemistries – how Can Filtration Enable Next-Generation Semiconductor Processes? Ashutosh Bhabhe, Entegris (Liquid Applications)
  • Predictive Model to Understand Removal of Metals from Solvents Siddarth Sampath, Entegris (Liquid Applications)

Panel Discussions:

Proactive technology management to support particles control, Ashutosh Bhabhe, Entegris (Liquid Applications)    

Entegris Presents at UPM 2019

Siddarth Sampath, Application Engineer, invites you to attend his presentation, "Predictive Model to Understand Removal of Metal from Solvents", at the UltraPure Micro Conference 2019, Thursday, June 6. See you there!


Featured Content

End-to-End Gas Purification: Bowling for Contaminants

There is a growing importance of process gas purification in manufacturing geometrically complex semiconductor devices. View how advanced purification can address multiple trace contaminants in the gas supply to achieve and maintain the purity baseline.

Chasing the Perfect Pattern

The electronic device designs entering production today present greater manufacturing complexity to deliver the performance and capabilities our digital lives require. Flaws in photolithography patterns have always had a negative impact on yield.

Clean Chemical Delivery

Maintain a clean chemical delivery environment with contamination-controlled chemical packaging, filtration, pumps, and fluid handling products that will increase product yield and reduce financial loss.

Our solutions are less prone to particle shedding and metallic ion contamination and help you maintain a clean environment from chemical manufacture through point of use.