Entegris Emphasizes Importance of Materials

A 1% Yield Improvement Could Bring About USD 150 Million Profits, and Semiconductor Materials Matter


Contamination control over the whole ecosystem remains the largest challenge in improving performance of wafer technology. A 1% yield improvement can mean 150 million profits in a leading-edge logic fab and 110 million profit for 3D NAND fabs, which means semiconductor materials suppliers are being asked to provide high quality and high purity product and solutions.

With the growing of semiconductor industry in China, Entegris is hoping to become an important partner of semiconductor and materials industry in China. Thereby, recently opening the China Technology Center at Zhangjiang in Shanghai with the four labs focused on microcontamination control, advanced materials handling, surface preparation, and analytics and metrology to collaborate with local customers to deliver advanced solutions to meet their needs.

In addition, Entegris values semiconductor environment, customers and talent in Shanghai, making it a good reason to locate CTC in Shanghai.

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