PrimeLock® Fitting Provides Ultra-Clean, Robust Alternative to Current Solutions

Unique Design Provides Consistent, Leak-free, and Repeatable Connections for Critical Fluids


Billerica, MA, September 1, 2011 – Entegris, Inc. (NASDAQ: ENTG) has introduced PrimeLock®, a new PFA fitting for high-purity and corrosive chemical applications in semiconductor manufacturing and other advanced manufacturing environments. PrimeLock will be on display along with other Entegris solutions at the Entegris 2011 Taiwan Technology Show, which is being held in Taipei concurrent with the SEMICON Taiwan trade show from September 7 through 9, 2011.

“Our new fitting offers a clean, reliable and easy-to-use alternative for a broad range of demanding fluid handling applications,” said John McDaniel, vice president of the Fluid Systems/Liquid Systems business for Entegris. “Entegris has been supplying fluoropolymer fittings into ultra high purity chemical markets for over 30 years and our Flaretek® fitting product line remains an industry leading connection system. Today, we have incorporated our unique designs in our next generation of PFA fittings while retaining the very best of time proven features,” John said.

Installing a PrimeLock fitting is virtually fool-proof and can be completed in a matter of seconds with no heat required. PrimeLock is available in more than 100 fittings and in sizes ranging from 1/4” to 1” and is designed to handle temperatures up to 200ºC (392ºF). Its unique seal design reduces entrapment, leak points and flow interruptions. Entegris is planning to expand the available sizes to include 1 1/4”.

The new fitting, as well as other technology leading contamination control and substrate handling solutions, will be on display at the Entegris Taiwan 2011 Technology Show, which is being held at the Grand Hyatt Taipei in Taiwan from September 7 through 9, 2011.

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