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Life Sciences Films

Material solutions that protect quality and efficacy in upstream and downstream bioprocessing

We understand that keeping biopharmaceutical products and processes free of harmful chemical and environmental contaminants is paramount. Our advanced materials expertise, combined with quick-turn custom capabilities, enable us to provide single-use solutions that meet complex demands for material integrity across upstream and downstream applications, while achieving lead times that keep your processes running.

Our single-use, 2D and 3D bags are made from various films that offer different advantages and compatibilities. Taking into consideration the uniqueness of different cells and liquids, mixing times, strength, security, and pliability requirements, our materials experts will help you select the right film for your application.


Aramus™ Single-layer Film

The Aramus film is designed with a single polymer material that does not contain binders, agents, or additives, and provides higher purity, lower extractables and leachables (E&L), and greater reliability in frozen applications down to -196°C (-321°F). 

This film is a great choice for all your critical process needs for 2D (20 mL – 50 L) storage bags. It provides robustness, low surface energy, low absorption, superior chemical compatibility, and critical process fluid cleanliness. 

  • One layer (8 mil thick) of high-grade, gamma-stable fluoropolymer
  • Maintains flexibility and weld strength in liquid nitrogen (-196°C [-321°F])
  • Extreme chemical compatibility for the most challenging applications (DMSO, DMF, etc.)
  • Gamma stable and autoclavable
  • Fluid path layer: Fluoropolymer 

Flex 200 Film, Single-Ply, Multilayer

Designed to provide strength and low gas permeability, this film is well suited for growing mammalian and plant culture cell lines with extended rocking times. 

Flex 200 film is most often selected when optical clarity is critical to the process optimization. 

Common applications include fluid transfer, shipping, storage, mixing systems, sampling, bioreactors, media storage, and product storage containers.

  • Total 13 mil thickness
  • Fluid path layer: ULDPE
Flex 200

Flex 100/150 Film, Double-Layer, Multi-Ply

This design provides strength and low gas permeability, which is well suited for growing mammalian and plant culture cell lines with extended rocking times. 

Flex 100/150 film creates a more robust container by eliminating seams on the outside, which is ideal for shipping. The double-layer, multi-ply design helps reduce stress preventing container leak through under harsh conditions such as shipping 3D containers of fluid. 

One key benefit of this film is scalability. Flex 100/150 film is available for use in large volume, 2D/3D configurations, and many other Entegris products. Common applications include fluid transfer, shipping, low, storage, mixing systems, sampling, bioreactors, media storage, and product storage containers.

Flex 100/150
  • Total 9 mil thickness
  • Fluid path layer: LDPE

Flex 400 Film, Single-Ply Fluoropolymer PVDF

This single-ply design is extremely durable, autoclavable*, and has non-cholesterol binding properties that yield superior results in growing NS0 and other cholesterol dependent clones. 

Flex 400 can be used for a multitude of applications including processes with broad temperature ranges, high temperature and sterilization applications, cholesterol containing media storage, and processes where a low extractables profile is required. 

Flex 400 is primarily selected for motion bioreactor designs where non-cholesterol binding properties are required. Compared to the Aramus film, this film can be made into face port configurations. 

Flex 400
  • 8 mil thickness
  • Fluid path layer: PVDF

Flex 100/100/150 Film, Triple-Layer, Multi-Ply

This film is designed with an additional layer of support, providing supplementary strength to protect your high dollar media products during processing or long shipping distances. Flex 100/100/150 film is well suited for fluid transfer, extended shipping, intermediate storage, mixing systems, sampling, bioreactors, media storage, processing vessels, and product storage containers. 

  • Total 13 mil thickness
  • Fluid path layer: LDPE
Flex 100/100/150

Films Comparison

Materials of construction Thickness  Product contact layer Gamma stable Autoclavable
Temperature use range  Entegris products
Fluoropolymer 8 mil
Fluoropolymer Yes
Yes* -196° to 121°C
(-321° to 250°F)
Aramus 2D Bag
Flex 200
11 mil
No -40° to 60°C
(-40° to 140°F)
2D Bioprocess
Assemblies (face
and edge port)

2D Motion/ Rocker Bags
Microcarrier and Cell Separation
Flex 400 PVDF 8 mil PVDF Yes Yes* -40° to 85°C
(-40° to 185°F)
2D Bioprocess

2D Motion/ Rocker Bags
Flex 100/150
8 mil
No 0° to 60°C
(32° to 140°F)
2D Bioprocess

3D Bioprocess

Mixing System
Microcarrier and Cell Separation
Flex 100/
13 mil
No 0° to 60°C
(32° to 140°F)
2D Bioprocess

3D Bioprocess

Mixing System