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Gas Purifier Regeneration Services

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To help keep contamination from reaching your process, we offer easy access to our gas purifier regeneration services. Regeneration is the process of removing impurities from a saturated gas purifier. The regeneration process eliminates all contamination, and the lifetime after regeneration is identical to a new gas purifier. Simply let us know the process in which the purifier was used, purge your used purifier, and return it to one of our regeneration centers in the package we provide. It’s that easy.

Did you know that regenerating your purifier can save you between 30% and 70% of the cost of a new purifier, contributing to lower cost of ownership? In addition to that, recycling your purifiers is an environmentally friendly approach.

If you would like to know the regeneration interval of your gas purifier, please contact Entegris and provide the following: gas purifier part number, gas quality/impurity levels, and average flow rate.

With our service, you benefit from:

  •  Cost savings vs. purchasing new

  •  Restored purifier performance

  •  No hazardous material disposal costs

  •  An extended purifier warranty

  •  Three regeneration locations

  1.  San Luis Obispo, USA      + 1 800 394 4083
  2.  Dresden, Germany          + 49 351 795 97250
  3.  Kulim, Malaysia                + 65 6745 2422

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The Regeneration Process

Step 1: Is your purifier regenerable?

Consult the chart below to determine if your purifier is regenerable. The media code is located within your purifier part number.

Example media codes: GPUS500FIX04R00CA, GPUS2500FNX08R00CA, MC3000-902F, MC9000-202F

Media Regenerable? Dangerous Goods?
GPU purifiers with IX, HX, EX, DZ, SX media Yes Yes
GPU purifiers with NX, OP, TX, WX media Yes No
GPU purifiers with CX, BX, FX media No -
MC purifiers with 202, 203, 206, 404, 906 media Yes No
MC purifiers with 602, 702, 703, 804, 902, 903, 904, 905 media Yes Yes
MC purifiers with 302, 402, 403, 502, 602,802 media No -

Step 2: Is Your Purifier Dangerous Goods

Understanding if your purifier is Dangerous Goods (DG) is important because DG items must be shipped by someone certified to ship DG. This person will have attended DG classes and has a Dangerous Goods Certification.

Step 3: Complete the PRUS (Purifier Return Usage Statement) Form

All product returned to Entegris requires a PRUS. All regenerations are processed through the Entegris' gas purifier field support services department. Contact Entegris to receive a copy of the PRUS form.

Step 4: Receive Service Return Number

Upon receipt of the completed PRUS form a service return number will be emailed to you. Include this service number with your purifier return.

Step 5: Send to Entegris

Send the purifier, PRUS, and service return number to Entegris for regneration.

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