Entegris Benefits

Entegris offers a comprehensive and competitive benefits package. The following highlights just a few of the benefits available to eligible U.S. based employees. These should not be interpreted as creating an employment contract and may change without notice.


Entegris provides a competitive retirement program for employees. Employees may elect to defer up to 70% of their gross eligible compensation beginning with the first of the month following their hire date. The plan provides for a discretionary employer matching contribution and a discretionary employer profit sharing contribution. Any employer matching contributions are immediately 100% vested. There is a one year service requirement to be eligible for any employer discretionary profit sharing contribution and the contributions are subject to a five year vesting period.

Employee Stock Purchase Plan
Employees can elect up to 10% of after tax eligible compensation to be withheld to purchase shares of Entegris stock at a specified discount. Purchase periods are six-month periods beginning January 1 and July 1 of each calendar year.


Medical Insurance
Three medical plans are offered (depending on region location) each with single, employee plus one and family coverage options. Premium costs are shared between Entegris and the employee.

Dental Insurance
Two dental plans are offered each with single, employee plus one and family coverage options. Premium costs are shared between Entegris and the employee.

Employee Life Insurance
The company provides a benefit of two times annual base salary with a minimum of $20,000 and a maximum of $300,000

Disability Income Protection
The company provides both Short-Term and Long-Term Disability insurance for income protection during periods of disability.

Optional Benefits
Employees have the choice to also purchase additional benefits such as, vision, long-term care insurance, voluntary life & accidental death insurance for themselves, but also for spouse and eligible dependents.

Flexible Spending Accounts
Pre-tax Medical Spending Account and Dependent Care Spending Account options.

Employee Assistance Program
A confidential employee assistance counseling program is available to employees and their dependent(s).

Employee Education Assistance Program
The Employee Education Assistance Program (EEAP) is a tuition reimbursement program designed to encourage Entegris’ employees to continue to learn and grow in order to advance in their careers. In addition to in-house and company sponsored development opportunities, employees are supported in the efforts to continue their learning and development through continued education


Entegris provides eligible employees with paid time off (PTO) for vacation, personal matters and personal illness. Exempt employees participate in an honor system program whereby PTO hours are neither accrued nor centrally tracked. Nonexempt employees accrue PTO hours based on years of service and the use of PTO is reported to and tracked by Payroll.


Employees are eligible for up to 88 hours of paid holidays per calendar year.


Employees are eligible to receive cash bonuses based on business performance as well as for referring new employees to the organization.