Entegris Expands Clean Chemical Delivery Capabilities in Korea Technology Center

Slurry added to leading filtration and test capabilities for CMP, WET, and Photolithography Applications, expediting joint evaluations for Korean customers.

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Suwon, Korea—September 16, 2019Entegris, Inc. (NASDAQ: ENTG), a leader in specialty chemicals and advanced materials solutions, today announced that it has introduced new CMP slurry filter test capabilities in its Korea Technology Center (KTC). CMP slurry filter test capabilities are a key component of Entegris’ clean chemical delivery solution and are instrumental in meeting the increasing yield, reliability, and performance demands for advanced nodes and critical semiconductor processes.

With the expansion of the KTC, Entegris has been able to successfully complete small scale and point-of-use joint evaluations with leading bulk slurry manufacturers and IDM customers using its test stand and particle counter technology. As a result of these evaluations, Entegris was able to recommend the optimal slurry filtration solutions for each environment and consequently help its customers adopt new technologies more quickly.

As chip design architectures become more complex and increasingly sensitive to even the smallest contaminants, the demand for clean chemical filtration has been on the rise. The expansion of the KTC enables Entegris to support customers with filter tests for all the types of chemicals used in the semiconductor processes including Aqua, Solvent, and CMP Slurry. These capabilities, together with the knowledge and know-how of local experts at the KTC, enable Entegris to help customers achieve higher levels of microcontamination control, with enhanced speed.

“Entegris customers in Korea are striving to meet the growing memory chip demands for critical applications of the 4th industrial revolution - artificial intelligence, autonomous driving, blockchain, IoT, etc.,” said Clint Haris, senior vice president of the microcontamination control division, Entegris. “With continued investment in the Korea Technology Center, and collaborative efforts within our global technology centers network, we are well positioned to help our customers meet the critical yield, reliability, and performance challenges they face today and tomorrow.”

In addition to filtration tests and joint evaluations, Entegris’ Korea Technology Center provides customers with leading research capabilities around advanced deposition materials and surface preparation and integration. This expansion builds on Entegris’ long-term commitment to local investment in Korea, the most recent of which includes a new state-of-the-art drum manufacturing facility currently scheduled to be operational in Q2 2020. Through local manufacturing and servicing facilities in Hwaseong (JangAn) and Wonju (Munmak), and Suwon Entegris brings the speedy and reliable supply of a broad range of advanced solutions and services including specialty gas, chemistry, valves, fittings, tubes, and pump test to our Korean customers.


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