Field Support Services

Field Support Services

Our field service program allows us to support you within your own facility. By working at your site, we are able to give you custom care that works within your specific process procedures.

We provide installation support, warranty support, and service programs for gas purification systems, dispense systems, and liquid systems. We also offer comprehensive analytical services including AMC sampling, qualification, and contamination and product analysis.

Featured White Paper

Bowling for Contaminants white paper

Bowling for Contaminants: The New Science of Gas Purification

This white paper explains the importance of applying purification science to managing the gas supply purity from the source throughout all the wafer process steps to ensure the highest device yield.

Gas Purification Systems

Startup and Training

  • Available worldwide
  • Various levels offered
  • Startup assistance scheduled at your convenience

Field Repairs and Modifications

  • Multilingual local service and support
  • Worldwide telephone support
  • Purifier down/emergency support hotline available 24 hours a day,
    +1 805 781 2392
  • Complete diagnostic and repair service
  • Localized spare parts inventory, with immediate delivery of in-stock items
  • Critical spare parts are monitored and stocked

Preventive Maintenance

  • Service agreements can be custom tailored to meet your unique needs
  • Spart parts kits are offered at various levels
  • Field audits can be performed on site to assess equipment status

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