Gas Purifier Outdoor Enclosure (OPAL®)

The Gas Purifier Outdoor Enclosure (OPAL® ) is used when GateKeeper® gas purifiers cannot be installed indoors in a climate controlled environment. This complete, climate-controlled, modular, prefabricated enclosure is ready for outdoor installation in any environment. The enclosure comes complete with an HVAC system to regulate the environment inside the enclosure, independant of the outside temperature. It can be fitted with bypass and isolation manifolding, pressure control, pressure regulation, and filtration skids.

The finished system is fully tested and can be factory certified using APIMS technology. Please contact Entegris for information.

Outdoor Enclosure includes:

  • Hydrogen (H2) and Oxygen (O2) sensors and alarms
  • Multiple purifiers
  • Line regulators
  • Filter skids
  • On-line analyzers
  • Gas sampling ports
  • Closed loop water cooling
  • Ventillation fans
Gas purifier outdoor enclosure