Advanced Deposition Materials Innovation

We develop application specific materials to meet customers’ needs from development to manufacturing.

This is how we do it:

1. Identify and Demonstrate New Materials

2. Enable Delivery of Materials

3. Scale up to HVM

Identify and Demonstrate New Materials

Through close collaboration with chip and tool manufacturers, we develop and test candidate precursors for the next generation films, devices, and process requirements. Film and process viability is demonstrated using in-house ALD and CVD tools.

Enable delivery of materials

Our containers and vaporizers for liquid and solid precursors meet customers purity and flow requirements.  The designs are customized to precursors properties and material compatibility, incorporating coatings for corrosive materials.  Each design is tested to optimize delivery conditions and meet deposition tool and process requirements.

  • Modeling simulations
  • Test stands with target precursors and actual process conditions

Chemical dispense equipment is also designed to meet fab’s productivity needs and are integrated into fab’s process tools.

A comprehensive Precursor Containers Portfolio

Scale up to HVM

Our rapid scale-up supports aggressive customer ramp plans.  We ensure key product requirements identified during development are incorporated into high-volume manufacturing (HVM) consistently, using statistical process control (SPC).  Cost, quality, and capacity improvement opportunities are identified and implemented throughout the product life cycle.