Entegris offers a full solution of PURE products that are "EUV for high volume IC manufacturing using EUV lithography" designed to work together in the chemical supply chain – when using these products together the fluid path remains pure. 
Leveraging our materials expertise, comprehensive product portfolio, application expertise and technology we help you to solve the growing industry problem of contamination caused by particles, organics and metals.

Visit us at SPIE Advanced Lithography to learn how Entegris is uniquely qualified and committed to jointly developing clean chemical delivery solutions that improves yield and reduces cost from production to consumption.  See you there!


Poster Sessions on Tuesday, Feb. 27 from 5:30 - 7:30 PM in Hall 2.

"EUV for high volume IC manufacturing using EUV lithography"

Presented by: Huaping Wang

"A novel filter with unique membrane morphology for defect reduction in leading-edge photo resists" 
Presented by: Aiwen Wu
Paper: 10586-43
Authors: Author(s): Tetsu Kohyama, Aiwen Wu, Yasushi Ohyashiki, Kozue Miura, Entegris, Inc. (United States)
Defect source reduction in leading-edge iArF resists is a critical requirement to improve device performance and overall yield in lithography manufacturing processes. It is believed that polymers with lactone rich regions can aggregate and be responsible for single or multiple micro-bridge defects. We have previously presented the effective removal of gel-like polymers using Nylon. However, as the industry is moving to smaller feature sizes, there is a need to further improve the defect removal efficiency. In this paper, a novel filter with unique membrane morphology is introduced, which shows excellent on wafer performance in advanced ArF solution. 

"Removal of metallic contamination from lithography solvents using functionalized membrane purifiers"
Presented by: Tetsu Kohyama
Paper 10586-44
Author(s): Aiwen Wu, Entegris, Inc. (United States); Tetsu Kohyama, Entegris, Inc. (Japan); James Hamzik, Saksatha Ly, Jad Jabber, Entegris, Inc. (United States) 
Metal ions in the photoresist and solvents now pose an ever greater contamination problem in photolithography’s advanced applications with sub-14 nm device features. The reduction of metal contaminants is critical in the entire photochemical supply chain. In this paper we demonstrate that two novel membrane purifiers dramatically reduced the metal contents in polymer solutions and a range of organic solvents. These materials are used for photoresist manufacturing and for wafer surface and dispense line rinse in a track tool. The impact of flow rate and metal concentrations in the feed on the metal removal efficiency of the purifiers is presented.

Entegris Clean Chemical Delivery

FluoroPure® Trilayer HDPE Drums

Meet customer purity requirements, minimize material waste and keep product costs down when transporting specialty chemicals in our FluoroPure Trilayer HDPE drum. 

  • Multilayer design includes a wetted inner layer of virgin HDPE material for use in applications where purity is critical
  • Blowmolding in three layers enables us to maintain purity in the inner layer, minimize material waste in the middle layer and use additives and colorants in the outer layer for added strength
  • The single-piece blowmolded drum has a deep draw integral chime that protects the drum insert and shipping enclosures during transportation
  • UN tested and approved and in compliance with DOT for Packing Group II and III chemicals
NOWPak® Bottles

Our NOWPak® Liner-based Bottle System helps protect valuable materials throughout the filling, transporting and dispensing operations. Bottles are available in 1 to 20 liter sizes.

  • Durable plastic overpack provides a safe alternative to glass bottles that can shatter
  • Collapsible liner system maximizes chemical utilization
  • Sealed dispense pathway reduces external contamination
  • Unique key coding helps prevent dispensing the wrong material
Photoresistant and solvent filtration and purification

Purasol™ solvent purifiers are the best-in-class solutions for ultraclean chemical and raw material manufacturers. Using uniquely tailored membrane technology, the versatile purifier can efficiently remove both dissolved and colloidal metal contaminants from a wide variety of ultrapure, polar and non-polar solvents including difficult to remove ketones like Cyclohexanone.  

  • Reduces metal-induced defects
  • Single or subpart-per-trillion contaminant removal performance
  • UPE membrane material for ultraclean performance
Acid and Base Filtration

Best-in-class filtration of aqueous, outgassing, and aggressive acid and base chemistries in sub 22 nm technology nodes. Enables high flow rate and retention performance. 

Protego® Plus IPA Purifier

High-efficiency solvent purifier/filters providing superior metal and particle removal for critical gate-cleaning (FEOL) applications in sub 45 nm technology nodes.

IntelliGen® MV Dispense Systems

New platform two-stage system with built in dual PT sensors enables independent dispense and filtration of medium-viscosity fluids

  • Medium-viscosity fluid dispense with 100-300 cP or at higher viscosity when dispense pressure does not exceed 29 psig
  • Reliable dispense of medium-viscosity fluid (100-300 cP) without sacrificing filtration performance
  • New user-friendly MMI software simplifies recipe programming and provides real time status
  • Real-time robust confirmation tools help minimize costly wafer defects