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February 24, 2021 • 5:30 PM PST

  • Optimization of point-of-use filtration for metal oxide photoresist
    This study presents the efficacy of optimized filtration design to reduce defects in metal oxide EUV resists and provides a recommendation for achieving low wafer coating defects.
  • EUV pellicle integrity protection and detection – an EUV pod design perspective
    This discussion details how the EUV pod design meets industry requirements for the pellicle pocket, EUV inner pod window, and EUV outer pod window design. Constraints on the EUV pod design related to tool compatibility will also be discussed.
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Enabling Advanced Lithography (EUV)

Reliable patternmaking at such a fine scale requires ultraclean reticles. We can help you through your challenges of storing and transporting EUV reticles.

Chasing the Perfect Pattern

Flaws in photolithography patterns have always had a negative impact on yield.  It is becoming more imperative than ever for semiconductor fabricators to prevent these pattern flaws to ensure the functionality and reliability of these devices.

Lithographer’s Toolkit

This is a critical time for lithographers, as there will be even more filtration choices to consider as part of their toolkits. Collaboration between filter suppliers, photochemical suppliers, and lithographers is critical to understanding filtration performance and making smart choices early in the process.

Automobile Reliability

As automotive electronics become more complex and prevalent, the cost of failure in these devices rises. Hidden defects caused by small particles, gels, metal ions, and organic contaminants can lead to failures throughout the vehicle’s life, escalating costs and increasing risk.

How can you prevent hidden defects?

Clean Chemical Delivery

To achieve optimum wafer yield and reliability, the microelectronics industry needs to address the increased materials consumption requirements and material purity challenges from chemical manufacture to point of use.