Entegris Launches Oktolex™ Membrane Technology to Improve Yield in ArF, KrF, and EUV Lithography for Logic, DRAM, and 3D NAND Devices

Oktolex™ offers best-in-class filtration, faster priming, and reduced tool downtime

News Release
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BILLERICA, Mass. – Sept. 13, 2017 – Entegris Inc. (NASDAQ: ENTG), a leading specialty materials provider, announced at SEMICON® Taiwan today, the availability of its innovative Oktolex™ membrane technology for advanced point-of-use photolithography applications. Oktolex’s revolutionary membranes remove critical photochemical contaminants by enhancing the native retention mechanisms of each membrane type to match the needs of each chemistry. By matching membrane characteristics with specific contaminant-adsorption mechanisms, Oktolex membranes further optimize removal performance with no adverse interactions with the chemical composition. 

“Breaking from convention, we’ve developed a cleaner, faster, and more effective way to remove the most challenging contaminants with a tailored approach to the specific contamination control needs of ArF, KrF, and EUV applications for Logic, DRAM, and 3D NAND devices,” noted Entegris Senior Vice President and General Manager of Microcontamination Control, Clint Haris. “The true advantage of this technology is its ability to create membranes that effectively remove thetargeted contaminants, while not altering the chemical composition. This combination enables us to collaborate with customers to create precise contaminant removal solutions that meet the needs of advanced nodes and reduce tool downtime.“

Oktolex technology is currently available in Entegris Impact® 8G point-of-use photochemical filters. 

For more information, please visit the Entegris product display area, booth #176, duringSEMICON Taiwan, Sept. 13-15, 2017, at the Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center, or visit www.entegris.com/Impact8GFilters.