Clean, Photochemical Delivery

The pursuit of the Fourth Industrial Revolution is driving developments in technology megatrends including artificial intelligence (AI) chips, 5G networks, autonomous vehicles, and smart manufacturing. Now semiconductor device manufacturing has reached a turning point, where node scaling is not enough to meet the varied needs in computing performance, functionality, and power these new applications require.

In fact, node scaling is predicted to max out at 3 nm, and only three companies are pursuing this node. As such, manufacturers of logic and memory alike are turning to vertical architectures like fin field-effect transistors (FinFETS), 3D NAND, and 3D integrated circuits (ICs) as early as 14 nm. Additionally, fabs and integrated device manufacturers (IDMs) are turning to heterogeneous integration technologies to build integrated systems that will rival the human brain in intelligence. 

The solution to maintaining a safe and contamination-controlled chemical delivery environment in the fab is to seek out simplified single-sourced chemical packaging, filtration, and handling products that will increase product yield and reduce financial loss. To make sure of an end-to-end optimum process environment, it is important to take a close look at each stage of the chemical supply chain. While it may seem insignificant, the right clean chemical delivery pump can make or break the entire chain. Knowing what to look for in a pump is the first step in making the right tool choice.