Challenges with Glass

For many years, glass bottles were the de facto standard for storing, transporting, and dispensing chemistries for semiconductor device manufacturing. As device feature sizes become finer, new root causes for device defects are being traced to glass bottles. That, combined with increasing concern over safety as fabs become larger and more automated, has sparked the industry to develop glass container alternatives.

Until now, attempts to replace glass with plastic came up short. Only certain plastics could be used, and the cost of necessary and additional packaging made them unrealistic. Renewed efforts, driven primarily by device manufacturers in Asia, resulted in a viable solution that is ready to be implemented worldwide

Entegris’ NOWPak polyethylene liner-based bottle system features a PTFE/PFA liner that seals it completely, leading to less chemical waste through spillage or evaporation. Lighter, stronger, and unbreakable, this bottle system is a safer alternative to glass, and is less costly to ship.

NowPak benefit