The Pursuit of Pure

Our relentless pursuit of purity defines us and best enables your processes. To that end, our development and production capabilities have been engineered to provide the purest products and solutions we can muster.

Everything we have accomplished in the last 50 years has prepared us for where we are today and what we aim to provide. Our passion for purity has never been stronger, more focused and more present in our daily endeavors. And with the broadest product and technology portfolio available in our core markets, our comprehensive offerings have never been more optimized, our customers never more collaborative and our mission never so critical.

From here, we continue to push the envelope on improving our products and your pure advantage. 


Our latest developments in our pursuit of pure

Torrento™ X Series 7 nm Filter

The FlowPlane™ linear technology with the advanced Torrento® X series 7 nm filter enables advanced wet cleaning applications for the 10 nm node and beyond.

FlowPlane is the semiconductor industry’s first scalable, linear, high-flow filtration platform enabling advanced wet cleaning applications for the 10 nm node and beyond. The first in a series of filters based on the linear filtration technology, the FlowPlane S model is designed for point of dispense (POD) applications, enabling improvements in both on-wafer defectivity and yield for critical wet cleaning applications. 

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