Entegris will present the following topics during the conference:

Monday, April 1 | 3:00 PM

Key Materials
Michael White, Director, pCMP Development

Wednesday, April 3 | 3:05 PM

New Methods to Reduce Variation in Bare Wafer Particle Inspection Results 
Harvey Tang, Applications Engineer

Wednesday, April 3 | Evening Poster Session

Novel method to characterize the retention of polydisperse particles by advanced membranes 
Suwen Liu, Ph.D., Principal Scientist

Understanding Interfacial Surface Interactions: Dielectric Wafer – Slurry Particles, Defectivity Improvements and Current Challenges for Low pH W-Post CMP Cleaning Formulations
Daniela White, Senior Principal Scientist 

Event Topics

3D NAND Solutions

Three-dimensional vertically-stacked memory architectures offer exponential gains in flash memory storage, but they also introduce fundamental new challenges at the device fabrication and integration level. These challenges affect all aspects of the flash memory product chain, from design to supply to material handling, manufacturing, and delivery. 

Clean Chemical Delivery

To achieve optimum wafer yield and reliability, the microelectronics industry needs to address the increased materials consumption requirements and material purity challenges from chemical manufacture to point-of-use.

High Purity Chemical Manufacturing
The Fight for Purity in Chemical Manufacturing

Contamination control remains one of the largest challenges as integrated circuit (IC) technology advances. Better contamination control can significantly improve yield. 

Featured Product Solutions

Planarcore® PVA Brushes

Planarcore® PVA Brushes are designed to deliver superior performance and wafer-to-wafer uniformity in post CMP wafer cleaning applications.

PlanarClean® AG Cleaning Solution

PlanarClean® AG Cleaning Solutions are designed for advanced Cu post-CMP process. The proprietary formulations offer increased performance through enhanced reliability and yield, low to zero corrosion and defects and increased queue time.

Planargem® CMP Pad Conditioner

Micro-machined SiC substrate with conformal CVD diamond coating delivers long-life, highly uniform pad conditioning while minimizing substrate damage. Planargem® CMP Pad Conditioners offer leading-edge, customer-tailored performance across all aspects of the CMP Process.

Planargard® NMB Filter

Best-in-class, bulk slurry filter with ultra-high particle loading capacity for bulk processes in sub 45 nm technology nodes. Enables superior hard particle removal and gel retention performance to prevent microscratches.

Planarcap® NMB Filter

Best-in-class, point-of-dispense slurry filter with ultra-high particle loading capacity in sub 45 nm technology nodes to prevent microscratches. Enables superior hard particle removal and gel retention performance.

Guardian™ ECD Filter

Advanced, ultra-clean filtration of low-temperature, dilute acids and bases. Enables effective flow rate and contaminant retention performance in sub 90 nm technology nodes.