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Wednesday, February 26 | 1:40 PM - 3:00 PM

Conference: Advances in Patterning Materials & Processes
Session 9: Supplier

Addressing metallic contaminants in the photochemical supply chain 


Metal contaminants are notorious yield detractors throughout semiconductor unit processes. Metallic contaminants can create small, hard-to-detect defects that can eventually result in cone defects and gate leakage. Because these contaminants are so hard to detect, it is extremely difficult to pinpoint their root cause and identify opportunities to remove them. Clean photochemicals experience many contamination opportunities between their final quality control checks at the end of manufacturing and dispense onto a wafer. The complexity of the interactions of metal contaminants and the components in photochemicals is an important consideration when designing removal methods. Learn about the different types of metal contaminants in photochemicals and raw materials, review how these contaminants are removed using membrane-based technologies, and define new methodologies to better target metal in photochemicals.

Wednesday, February 26 | 5:30 PM - 7:30 PM    

  • A novel filter screening methodology for Si hardmask materials in EUV lithography

    Tetsu Kohyama, Kozue Miura, Nihon Entegris K.K. (Japan)

  • Point-Of-Use filtration of non-CAR resists for EUV lithography

    Aiwen Wu, Entegris, Inc. (USA); Harvey Tang, Entegris Singapore Pte Ltd. (Singapore); Hareen Bayana, Entegris GmbH (Germany); Gregg Conner, Entegris, Inc.

  • Improving EUV underlayer coating defectivity using Point-Of-Use filtration

    Aiwen Wu,Entegris, Inc. (USA); Hareen Bayana, Entegris GmbH (Germany); Philippe Foubert, imec (Belgium); Douglas Guererro, Andrea M. Chacko, Brewer Science, Inc. 

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Chasing the perfect pattern spotlight
Chasing the Perfect Pattern

Flaws in photolithography patterns have a negative impact on yield. What causes them, how to combat them, and how to eliminate variability in pursuit of the perfect pattern?

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Lithographer's Toolkit

The lithographer’s toolkit provides a practical guide to reduce process variations that threaten your semiconductor fab performance.

clean chemical delivery spotlight
Clean Chemical Delivery

Contamination-controlled, clean chemical storage, delivery, connection, and dispense systems designed to ensure chemical arrives safely at the point of use as clean as when you packaged it.

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Challenges with Glass

As device feature sizes become finer, new root causes for device defects are being traced to glass bottles. That, combined with increasing concern over safety as fabs become larger and more automated, has sparked the industry to develop glass container alternatives.

EUV advanced lithography spotlight
Enabling Advanced Lithography (EUV)

EUV lithography was developed to successfully scale down complex patterns on wafers for the most advanced technologies. Learn about the challenges inherent in designing pods for EUV lithography and how you can protect reticles during use, storage, and transportation.

Auto reliability spotlight
Automobile Reliability

As automotive electronics become more complex and prevalent, the cost of failure in these devices rises. Hidden defects caused by small particles, gels, metal ions, and organic contaminants can lead to failures throughout the vehicle’s life, escalating costs and increasing risk.