Chemical Suppliers

Clean chemical delivery is more important than ever because as circuit line widths continue to shrink and process nodes approach sub-10 nm levels, surface particles become especially detrimental to logic devices. To achieve optimum wafer yield and reliability, device manufacturers continue to pressure chemical suppliers to deliver a higher level of purity, soon approaching parts per quadrillion (ppq), and avoid introducing contaminants during chemical packaging, transport, and distribution.

As the consumption of high-purity chemical increases and the purity requirements become more stringent, chemical manufacturers are having to invest considerably in preventing particle contamination, as well as in maintaining chemical purity during transportation to the fab. We understand the unique challenges of clean chemical delivery and will work with you to develop and optimize operations by identifying potential sources of contamination and the solutions that remove particle and metal impurities. Our goal is to help you ensure chemical integrity, increase product yield, and reduce financial loss.

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The Fight for Purity in Chemical Manufacturing

The Fight for Purity in Chemical Manufacturing

Learn how chemical providers can cost-effectively meet the demand for cleaner chemicals and remain competitive by adopting filtration and purification best practices.