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New applications are emerging that require faster, more powerful processors, and denser memory chips. Many of these new applications will require advanced logic devices to achieve greater power and process­ing speeds to support them. The features of these devices, being both smaller and 3-dimensional, are more vulnerable to damage in manufacturing and handling, and chip yield is ever more difficult to achieve. So, the demand for pure, high performance materials and clean process environments is ever increasing.

To ensure efficiency and yield in logic device manufacturing, it is critical to consider not only the purity of the material inputs, but also the integrity of those materials along their journey to the wafer. This is where we excel. Our advanced materials expertise and science-based solutions will help enable advanced chip technology with precision, purity, and efficiency.

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Examining Chip Manufacturing Challenges White Paper

Examining Chip Manufacturing Challenges for Advanced Logic Architecture

This paper looks at critical issues that will have to be addressed to cost-effectively produce faster, denser logic devices that are being driven by the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

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The drive toward making electronics faster, denser, and cheaper continues unabated.