Specialty Materials

The drive toward making electronics faster, denser, and cheaper continues unabated. Shrinking device dimensions and structure changes place additional demands on the materials used in all steps of semiconductor processing. As device scaling continues, contamination and material purity become more important than ever and can be tackled by changing how deposition and etch tools are coated. Integrating new chemistries in deposition and etching steps can alleviate vertical scaling challenges as well.

With our advanced materials science expertise and our determination to help solve your most advanced technology challenges, we are prepared to help you maintain unprecedented levels of cleanliness. By providing precision-engineered specialty coatings and innovative precursor and plasma combinations for your applications, together we can enable high throughput and high yield to support the ever-increasing device storage needs.

96 Layers and Beyond

96 Layers and Beyond: 3D NAND Material and Integration challenges

Decades-old practices are no longer effective when increasing the number of 3D NAND structures to 96 layers and beyond.

Recent Webinar

Solving CMP Polishing Challenges with the Next Generation CMP Pad Conditioners

In this recorded webinar, Doruk Yener Ph.D., R&D manager, shares the challenges with CMP pad conditioning and how a tailored CMP pad conditioner platform can solve these challenges and meet customer requirements.


Featured Webinar

Protecting Plasma Chamber Parts and Components with Advanced Coatings

Learn the importance of advanced coatings for chamber parts and components, and discover three successful coating methods in this recorded webinar with Connor Gallegos, Product Manager, and Nilesh Gunda, Director, Coatings Product Technology.


Featured Insights

3D NAND Solutions

Three-dimensional vertically-stacked memory architectures offer exponential gains in flash memory storage, but they also introduce fundamental new challenges at the device fabrication and integration level. We understand many of these challenges and have ideal solutions for them.

96 Layers and Beyond

Decades-old practices are no longer effective when increasing the number of 3D NAND structures to 96 layers and beyond.

Advanced Deposition Materials Innovation

With semiconductor nodes shrinking to 10 nm and below and once-flat architectures evolving into complex 3D structures, whole new paradigms in material deposition must be developed. Entegris takes a holistic approach to advanced material development, yielding industry-leading innovation.

Solving Advanced Technology Challenges with Innovative Materials

As semiconductor nodes shrink to 10 nm and below, improvements in materials and process integration are required. In order to deliver industry-leading innovation, Entegris uses a holistic approach in the development of formulated chemistries, CMP pad conditioners, and brushes.


The Silicon Precursor Toolbox for Low-temperature Deposition

A toolbox approach to choosing the most appropriate precursor and plasma combination for a given application makes process development more efficient, benefiting semiconductor device manufacturers and their customer.

Operational Excellence

Learn more about operational excellence at Entegris and our focus on material purity and preventing defects, our adherence to safety and environmental standards with technology such as SDS® cylinders, gas cabinets, and delivery systems, and our ability to supply locally.

Advanced Coatings

Semiconductor processing at advanced nodes requires extreme levels of cleanliness to minimize the risk of yield loss associated with submicroscopic contaminants. At Entegris, we understand these challenges and offer precision-engineered coatings that extend tool life while improving device yield.

Silicon Carbide Slurries

Trends put pressure on power integrated circuit (IC) manufacturers to produce higher volumes of chips using technologies designed to withstand high-temperature, high-frequency operating environments. Part of the answer lies in transitioning from silicon substrates to silicon carbide (SiC) and gallium nitride (GaN). Learn about solutions to improve SiC slurry performance and meet the needs of power IC manufacturers.

Interested in our specialty materials solutions?

Interested in our specialty materials solutions?

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