Enabling you to increase throughput, cell efficiencies and yields

Offering proven knowledge in materials science and contamination control, Entegris allows you to manage silicon cost more effectively, maximize cell productivity and reduce costs in your cell manufacturing.



Premium Graphite

Providing custom turnkey components in graphite and silicon carbide, these premium materials meet your dimensional and process requirements and offer inertness in reactive environments, while wafer carriers remain dimensionally stable throughout multiple process cycles and acid cleanings.


Entegris has the ability to coat our graphite with a thin pyrolytic carbon layer.  This coating provides a closed surface that eliminates particles and blocks infiltration of source materials.  Our silicon carbide may also be coated with a fully dense CVD SiC layer, offering similar benefits for that material family with no thermal expansion mismatch.

Specialty Gases

As experts in applied process gas, we are always working to increase your efficiency, safety and performance in gas applications. Creating gas blends in customized proportions is yet another way we can support your needs.

Process and Transport Carriers

Working from customer issues, Entegris created its carriers to eliminate process effects that negatively impact cell performance. Enjoy mechanical stability after months of exposure to aggressive chemistries, with the confidence your process is clean from the carrier’s compatible materials.

Substrate Shipping

Entegris offers a variety of optimized shipping solutions from single-use, biodegradable solutions to multi-use, multifunction polymer based shippers.  The Multifunction shipper offers reuse and recycling capabilities for an environmental alternative that eliminates waste and reduces costs.

Chemical Delivery

Choosing components to function with process variables and to optimize chemical compatibility is important. To meet your challenging requirements, Entegris offers a range of high-purity and high-performance valves, fittings, tubing, sensing and control, containers, and dispense tubes.

Gas Filtration and Purification

To improve gas specifications, proper component operation and to minimize particulate deposition, Entegris provides gas filtration for your gas applications.  Or, discover purifiers that provide protection, performance and insurance to reduce contamination and increase process control.

Liquid Filtration and Purification

For aggressive chemistries, all-Teflon® filters offer high chemical resistance and retention performance. Discover the Savana® filters, a cost effective choice for less aggressive acidic or basic applications. Also, for metal ions removed from water, see the Protego® purifiers.

Chemical Blending and Flow Control

Offering precise chemical blending, the Entegris InVue™ concentration monitors and flow controllers as well as custom manifolds provide tool efficiency, performance and process control. These technologies offer optimal yield of film growth, deposition conditions and reduced chemical waste.

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