Analytical Services

Our analytical services team leads the way in the measurement of airborne molecular contamination (AMC) for semiconductor cleanrooms, photolithography applications and OEM compliance.

Analytical Services is one of more than 30 Global Laboratories within Entegris and provides expertise for scanner/stepper OEM compliance, process troubleshooting, materials outgasing and chemical filter validation testing.

Typical AMC classes analyzed are volatile and nonvolatile organic compounds, anions (acids) and cations (bases) as well as low- and high-molecular weight, silicon containing compounds. Supply gas moisture can also be tested onsite.

Frequent onsite test locations are upstream and downstream of AMC filter installations, either in air handler, FFU or tool-top implementations, as well as scanner filter cabinets and fab supply gases. In addition, Entegris Analytical Services can receive a variety of materials for outgas and cleanliness testing and operates a state of the art wind tunnel test facility. Here we test new or used filters or filter stacks at nominal flow, temperature and humidity at the industry’s lowest test concentrations for the most realistic and accurate AMC filter performance.

Entegris Analytical Services provides in-field support for AMC filter products and Gas purification systems.

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