Water Treatment

Low contamination, high performance and ease of use - solutions specifically designed for Pre-RO and CIP processes

From GRP to Steel Multiround filter housings that offer reliability, ease of use and reduced costs, to filtration capabilities that span from microfiltration to nanofiltration and covering a large breadth of materials and membranes materials, Entegris filtration capabilities address water challenges from 50,000 TDS to removal of nanoparticles for the most demanding applications.  Global laboratories, logistics and infrastructure enable the highest levels of worldwide technical support to optimize your water treatment operations. 



Glass Fiber-Reinforced Polyester (GRP) Multiround Filter Housings

Due to the mechanical strength, reduced thickness and corrosion resistance properties of composite materials, the GRP housings offer reliability, ease of use and reduced costs for reverse osmosis pretreatment, particulary suited for sea and brackish water. The design allows it to be fabricated as one part with no body flange, joints or seams, ensuring quick filter replacement, versatile configurations and longevity in a large variety of high flow filtration applications. Standard sizes are available and custom designs can be made for very large desalination projects.

Liquid Filtration

Offering filtration technologies designed for your form factors, water qualities, chemical resistance and process specifications. From high flow, depth, pleated or melt-blown fibers to membranes of various materials and thicknesses, Entegris filters offer a variety of lengths, diameters, flow rates and connections for your housing and system requirements.

Stainless Steel and Carbon Steel Multiround Filter Housings

For RO pretreatment, produced water, municipal water, process water and cooling water in power generation, Entegris housings offer quick filter replacement and minimal intervention.  For high pressure applications or customer requirement, these housings provide consistent performance and quick maintenance for reduced operation and maintenance (O&M) costs.

Fluid Handling

Choosing the correct components to function with other process variables and optimize chemical compatibility is important. From valves, fittings and tubing to flowmeters, Entegris offers the highest-purity, best-performing fluid handling components available to meet processing requirements, particularly with CIP chemicals.

Sensing and Control

Entegris sensing and control solutions enhance both the productivity and safety of your chemical delivery applications. By directly measuring chemical concentration, Entegris sensors ensure your chemical blends (e.g. antiscalants) and validate system flushing after a clean-in-place operation. Entegris offers a full line of high purity, chemically-compatible sensing solutions for your most demanding sensing and control applications.

Containers, Drums and Dispense Systems

High-purity PFA containers deliver safety and purity from corrosive and hazardous chemicals. Providing easy connections and quick changeouts, Entegris’ innovative key-coded dispense heads allow for clean and easy fill and dispense processes. Entegris offers the safety, purity and reliable performance for your process, while improving your operational costs and ensuring the integrity of your chemicals.