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Ordering Information

1Standard outboard flange,  2Notched wide outboard flange,  3Standard, mid position handles,  4Standard, high position hiandles 

Part NumberEnd Wall Configuration"H" Bar End FlangesCompatible BoxesMaterial
KA202-80S-47C02Flanges1YesE99, E210, HA200STAT-PRO 3000
KA202-80S-47C05Flanges1YesE99, E210, HA200STAT-PRO 3000
KS202-80SH-47C02Flanges1, Handles3YesE99, E210, HA200STAT-PRO 3000
KA202-80SHH-47C02Flanges1, Handles4YesE99, E210, HA200STAT-PRO 3000
KA202-80SP-47C02Flanges1 Yes STAT-PRO 3000
KA202-80SRM-47C02Flanges1 Yes STAT-PRO 3000
XT201-0104Flanges1, Handles3Yes EMSTAT AR+
XT201-0105Flanges1, Handles3Yes EMSTAT AR+
XT201-0107Flanges1, Handles3Yes EMSTAT AR+
XT201-0112Flanges1, Handles3Yes EMSTAT AR+
XT201-0121Flanges1, Handles3Yes EMSTAT AR+
XT201-0300Flanges1, Handles3Yes EMSTAT AR
XT201-0400Flanges1Yes EMSTAT AR
XT202-0100Flanges1, Handles3Yes STAT-PRO 3000
XT202-0200Flanges1Yes STAT-PRO 3000
XT202-0500Flanges1, Handles4Yes STAT-PRO 3000
XT203-0100Flanges1, Handles3Yes EMSTAT AR+
XT203-0120Flanges1, Handles3Yes EMSTAT AR+
XT203-0200Flanges1Yes EMSTAT AR+
XT203-0500Flanges1, Handles4Yes EMSTAT AR+
XT203-0510Flanges1, Handles4Yes EMSTAT AR+
XT203-0520Flanges1, Handles4Yes EMSTAT AR+
XT203-0530Flanges1, Handles4Yes EMSTAT AR+
XT204-0200Flanges1Yes EMSTAT HV+
XT204-0500Flanges1, Handles4Yes EMSTAT HV+
XT205-0100Flanges2No EMSTAT AR+